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what is a preposition

what is a preposition | here is some examples of preposition word.

what is a preposition

In English grammar
The book is on the table.
Look at the wall.
 I will put out your decision.

Please speak out your verdicts.

japanese to english

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use of prepositions

A preposition is a word that links a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to some other part of the sentence.

Prepositions can be tricky for English learners. There is no definite rule or formula for choosing a preposition. In the beginning stage of learning the language, you should try to identify a preposition when reading or listening in English and recognize its usage.

  • to the office
  • at the desk
  • on the table
  • in an hour
  • about myself
A preposition is used to show direction, location, or time, or to introduce an object.

Here are a few common prepositions and examples.


Used to express a surface of something:

  • I put an egg on the kitchen table.
  • The paper is on my desk.
Used to specify days and dates:

  • The garbage truck comes on Wednesdays.
  • I was born on the 14th day of June in 1988.
Used to indicate a device or machine, such as a phone or computer:

  • He is on the phone right now.
  • She has been on the computer since this morning.
  • My favorite movie will be on TV tonight.
Used to indicate a part of the body:

  • The stick hit me on my shoulder.
  • He kissed me on my cheek.
  • I wear a ring on my finger.
Used to indicate the state of something:

  • Everything in this store is on sale.
  • The building is on fire.


Used to point out specific time:

  • I will meet you at 12 p.m.
  • The bus will stop here at 5:45 p.m.
Used to indicate a place:

  • There is a party at the club house.
  • There were hundreds of people at the park.
  • We saw a baseball game at the stadium.
Used to indicate an email address:

  • Please email me at
Used to indicate an activity:

  • He laughed at my acting.
  • I am good at drawing a portrait.


Used for unspecific times during a day, month, season, year:

  • She always reads newspapers in the morning.
  • In the summer, we have a rainy season for three weeks.
  • The new semester will start in March.
Used to indicate a location or place:

  • She looked me directly in the eyes.
  • I am currently staying in a hotel.
  • My hometown is Los Angeles, which is in California.
Used to indicate a shape, color, or size:

  • This painting is mostly in blue.
  • The students stood in a circle.
  • This jacket comes in four different sizes.
Used to express while doing something:

  • In preparing for the final report, we revised the tone three times.
  • A catch phrase needs to be impressive in marketing a product.
Used to indicate a belief, opinion, interest, or feeling:

  • I believe in the next life.
  • We are not interested in gambling.

[Quiz 22.1]

Identify all prepositions in the following sentences.

After flying for many hours, we finally got off the airplane. We walked out the exit and went to the baggage claim area. There were hundreds of different bags on the conveyer belt. I almost picked up the wrong one because it looked like mine.

[Quiz 22.2]

Choose a correct preposition in the sentence.

1) I want to lose 5 kilogram                      (on, at, in) one month.
2) Could you get me this pants                      (on, at, in) a larger size?
3) She seems to be interested                      (on, at, in) Psychology.
4) I will come to pick you up                      (on, at, in) 2 pm tomorrow.
5) This class will be held                      (on, at, in) Mondays.

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School Education ksp | tet

It's a hot and sweat-soaked night in Mylapore and you can see energized youngsters tossing questions out from the first-floor hall of a school building.

Another gathering is by all accounts remaining underneath in reckoning. Anyplace else, the guardian would be pursuing these children attempting to get them back inside. Be that as it may, this isn't only any school building.

Inside, Balaji Sampath is showing an after-school material science class for understudies. The riotous understudies are really occupied with a deliberately controlled examination on shot movement.

"We are changing how science and maths are taught to class youngsters," says Balaji, about his organization, AhaGuru. An IIT-ian, Balaji went ahead to finish a PhD at the University of Maryland in the USA. He came back to India in the 1990s to work in the region of instruction and improvement. He has been occupied with instructing science to offspring of all foundations for more than 20 years now.

"Aha" minutes

Why is the foundation name AhaGuru? "Each time understudies take in an idea and something strikes in their brain, an "Aha" minute happens. Along these lines, the thought was to have an instructor who might assemble that "Aha" minute persistently," he clarifies.

Balaji has an exceptional method for showing the subject. "The most interesting part of learning material science is that one gets the chance to comprehend the world and figure out how it works. For instance, it is one thing to say that the world is comprised of iotas, and it is a totally diverse thing to accept this. Thus, in the class, I utilize straightforward props to help understudies on a very basic level comprehend the ideas and structure a mental model. We begin with straightforward models and ideas and gradually build the unpredictability," he saysThe purpose of the examinations is that every one of them is joined with a certainty, and after the understudies comprehend it basically, it is no more remains just an announcement or something they have read about.

"Children come and let me know toward the end of the class that now they're seeing molecules all over the place! They're ready to understand the world on the grounds that they can comprehend what's going on around them and why," he says chuckling.

"The present furor for achievement in aggressive exams puts tremendous weight on high schoolers. Understudies are bored for 4-5 years at costly exam prep foundations…  But, for the dominant part of understudies, this boring without the accentuation on more profound comprehension of the subject prompts disappointment and just damages their trust in the long haul." says Gomathi Dhamodaran, who instructs alongside Balaji.

Reflection pays

While taking guiding classes, Balaji found that understudies invest a great deal of energy in going and are not able to participate in self-learning.

To handle this, he has planned online courses which help them ponder what they have concentrated on.

"I have found that occasionally, internet inclining is more compelling than classroom learning. In the event that understudies have questions, they can clear them through online gatherings. Additionally, on occasion, the class may not be heading off as per the pace of an understudy.

In the online course, one can take as much time as he/she needs and learn at one's own pace," says Balaji.

The very much organized online model contains features and other intelligent components and is made in such a path, to the point that after at regular intervals, understudies need to take part in an action which keeps them alarm.

"A considerable measure of folks have this uncertainty — will their tyke really learn on the off chance that he/she takes an online course? This is the reason we are leading a physical science challenge. Understudies can go to our site, request a course and join in the test. On the off chance that they finish it, we promise that they would have learnt enough to answer even the hardest inquiry identified with the theme," says Bal

Vijayakanth Yoga

With the country awakening the yoga soul on Sunday, it was no big surprise that lawmakers, even the individuals who are not generally connected with conventional profound expressions, grasped it.

DMDK pioneer Vijaykant drove more than 100 gathering individuals and volunteers through a progression of morning yoga practices at the gathering base camp in Chennai.

The DMDK supremo required significant investment endeavoring a few strenuous activities to clarify the miracles of yoga and why each one ought to grasp it.

"Everybody must practice yoga on the grounds that it is one of the most ideal approaches to try to avoid panicking and stay  sound. I would hone 108 asanas routinely prior. Yoga is one of the reasons I am fit. Yoga is peace," he said.

University Grants Commission, PhD

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is effectively considering unwinding its standards which would empower separation training establishments to offer MPhil and PHD projects, profiting almost 10,000 understudies.

The matter will be put before the following meeting of the commission.

"The commission is taking a chivalrous perspective of the matter and it will be set in the following advisory group meeting," UGC Chairman Ved Prakash told PTI.

The advancement comes against the setting of an area of educators from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) reminding UGC about its affirmation given four years back to unwind standards in connection of exploration projects directed through separation mode.

The UGC had cinched the bar by telling a standard - the Minimum Standards and Procedure for Awards of MPhil/PhD Degree Regulation - in 2009 platitude exploration courses in the far off mode were of low quality.

The regulations had put a question mark on the eventual fate of almost 10,000 understudies seeking after such courses the nation over.

Taking after broad challenges by different open learning colleges including IGNOU on the ground that laws, went by Parliament or assemblies, permitted them to offer such courses, UGC had lifted the boycott in 2011.

It said, "an open college may be allowed to lead MPhil/PhD programs through removed instruction mode subject to condition that it does as such entirely according to the procurements of the UGC Regulations".

In any case, with no official notice originating from UGC taking after that the matter has delayed for more than four years.

"The concealment of this notice is destroying the profession of an expansive number of understudies for which you ought to feel responsible. This is a demonstration of absolute lack of care from UGC," IGNOU Teachers Association said in a letter to UGC.

The educators' body additionally said that the postponement by UGC has likewise hampered the procedure of suitably correcting the IGNOU Act.

University Grants Commission

greece crisis

The features are emotional this weekend as the Greek emergency achieves its endgame, yet the genuine story is that the practicality of the Euro money is presently in genuine hazard. Europe's world class are devastating their own particular venture for self centered finishes.

Friday 19 June, 2015 was presumably the day when the predominant neo-liberal western request lost its charm and the European extend alongside it. In the midst of the disarray, the Euro, as its shortly constituted, probably came to the start of the end. This after Frankfurt's ECB adequately advanced a bank-keep running in a nation it is certain to secure through its administrative capacity.

Unusual? Not by any means. The European first class – the Tweedledee and Tweedledum of focus left and focus right gatherings who now represent each state – just can't offer into Greece's Syriza government. The reasons are existential. On the off chance that they acquiesce to Alexis Tsipras' order, in many countries, they themselves will be supplanted by non-standard gatherings. This is the truth and Eurocrats basically won't face what they would see as a surrender to "radical" legislative issues.

There are two decisions due in no time which demonstrate this point. In Spain, the genius Brussels administration of Mariano Rajoy's Popular Party is under extreme weight from the juvenile Podemos party, which has taken off as high as 30 percent in sentiment surveys this year. The left-wing populists advocate an end to somberness and even Spain's withdrawal from NATO.

READ MORE: Greece prone to leave euro and EU without manage leasers – national bank

Over in Ireland, the occupant antiextremist Fine Gael-Labor coalition confronts a genuine danger from Sinn Fein. Unexpectedly, the recent has welcomed Syriza delegates to talk at its gatherings . Sinn Fein echoes Podemos' requests to crush grimness, while likewise pushing for the expulsion of Ulster from the United Kingdom and its unification with Dublin . So eager is Sinn Fein about this thought that it battled a 30-year war - by means of its military wing, the IRA - against the British state. That contention finished minimal over 10 years prior.

Self-centeredness trumps decency

The Irish and Spanish organizations – in view of self-safeguarding – basically won't bolster any bailout for Greece that sees gravity relaxed for Athens however not for Madrid or Dublin. Indeed, the recent may even spook them notwithstanding the conspicuous advantages to their monetary records. Normally, Germany's famously stingy Angela Merkel wholeheartedly concurs with their position. Confronted with an undeniably bolshy Die Linke alliance in Berlin, Merkel's CDU likewise declines to "surrender" to "populism."

On the other hand, there is an issue here. The European tip top extravagant themselves as democrats. Indeed, they once in a while miss an opportunity to address creating nations on the mainland's periphery about the theme. Think Ukraine, Serbia or Hungary . In any case, their present ruses are inalienably hostile to equitable. The truth of the matter is that Brussels is disregarding Greek voters who conveyed Tsipras a command to reject further monetary cuts.

READ MORE: Greek disappointment would mean eurozone end – Tsipras

In the mean time, things look progressively negative in Greece, which has lost one-quarter of its national yield subsequent to 2007. Unemployment presently is at 25.4 percent and the figure for the country's childhood is a bewildering 49.8 percent. The expense in demolished trusts, dreams and lives is unfathomable. While monetary integrity has conveyed unmistakable change and inevitable advance in Ireland (and to a far lesser degree, Spain and Portugal) the solution isn't working for Greece.

Caught in the Euro, the typical course to IMF-driven financial salvation isn't interested in Athens. That would be a winnow of the general population area partnered to a noteworthy money debasement which would motivate private part work development to get a move on. Without a doubt, it wasn't accessible to Dublin either, yet Ireland has, exceptionally in Europe, a positive demographic profile and its economy is taking into account remote direct interest in its innovation area, helped by its utilization of the English dialect. Greece has neither of these points of interest.

Much fault is Greek

Rather, Greece has some huge auxiliary issues, overlooked by progressive star EU governments. Joining is an unavoidable truth, assessment gathering has never been a national need and cronyism smothers improvement. Moreover, because of a background marked by military standard and challenges with Turkey, its military spending has been preposterously high. Case in point, Greek military "brag" more dynamic staff than the British Army. This in spite of the way that Britain has around six times the populace and is limitlessly wealthier. The Hellenic Air Force has 244 battle air ship available to it, generally costly US-constructed F-16s. By correlation, Ireland has no warrior planes. Notwithstanding, Ireland's aggregate GDP – with a large portion of the populace – is more noteworthy than that of Greece, as indicated by information from the IMF.

While Greece does need to cut its fabric and decrease pointless spending, the EU's treatment of the nation is ridiculous. Persuaded by belief system, added to a craving to dig in the antiextremist the present state of affairs general cross the club, Eurocrats are blinkered.

Since Tsipras accepted force a couple of months prior, Brussels has demanded that Syriza force slices that they were chosen to invert. Don't worry about it that the past administration was not able to execute them at any rate. By the by, regardless of the possibility that Tsipras changed tack and revoked his battle guarantees, Greece would be pretty much as bankrupt in two years' chance as it is today – or was five years prior. A perpetual cycle of low development, with no plausibility for cash debasement, would ensure that.

Thus, the main answer for Greece is to default and way out the Euro. This approach will be difficult crazy in the short-term. Also the way that Brussels will effectively work to dismantle any indications of Greek recuperation. A quick bounce back in Athens would go about as a totem to other EU states caught in low-development (or none) situations.

READ MORE: Grexit: Win for both EU and Greece?

Then again, if Greece had some entrance to money from another source, the weight could be allayed. This clarifies why Tsipras was in St Petersburg on Friday. Russia, either with or without the new BRICS bank, is his best alternative for subsidizing. In any case, Moscow right now confronts various money related difficulties and any guide to Greece would need to be weighed against those.

The end of the Euro?

A Greek way out would open up a container of structures for the Euro, particularly if Athens had the capacity access money from Beijing or Moscow. A multi-country coin, without political union, was dependably an idiotic idea. Worryingly for Eurocrats, the move towards more European incorporation has slowed down. Truth be told, demeanor are currently running the other route with Britain, amongst others, calling for less of it. Italy, specifically, would watch a Grexit nearly. Covered somewhere down in a doomed condition of captured improvement, with practically zero development, Rome severely needs a different option for the Euro.

On the off chance that Greece leaves the single money, hope to see capital flight from the fringe, particularly Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland. Most affluent speculators, accepting that these nations will be alongside bow out, will exchange their money to Germany. Others may see London as an even more secure asylum. Should this happen, the states said would be compelled to start capital controls. At that stage poo would hit the fan.

Obviously, Brussels might yet consent to another handicapping somberness bundle with Greece, maybe blended with a little obligation absolution. In the event that this happens, the Euro ought to totter on for one more year or two, yet Europe's terminal decay will assemble pace. But in Germany, obviously.

greece crisis

Happy father's day

Hey happy father's day

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Full Form of hardware and networking devices

Full Form of hardware and networking devices:-

ACalternating current
ACPIadvanced configuration and power interface
ADSLasymmetrical digital subscriber line
AGPaccelerated graphics port
AMDadvanced micro devices
AMRaudio modem riser
APIPAautomatic private internet protocol addressing
APMadvanced power management
ARPaddress resolution protocol
ASRautomated system recovery
ATadvanced technology
ATAadvanced technology attachment
ATAPIadvanced technology attachment packet interface
ATMasynchronous transfer mode
ATXadvanced technology extended
BIOSbasic input/output system
BNCBayonet-Neill-Concelman or British Navel Connector
BRIbasic rate interface
BTXbalanced technology extended
CCDcharged coupled device
CDcompact disc
CD-ROMcompact disc-read-only memory
CD-RWcompact disc-rewritable
CDFScompact disc file system
CMOScomplementary metal-oxide semiconductor
CNRcommunication network riser
COM1communication port 1
CPUcentral processing unit
CRIMMcontinuity-rambus inline memory module
CRTcathode-ray tube
DACdiscretionary access control
DB-25serial communications D-shell connector, 25 pins
DB-99 pin D shell connector
DCdirect current
DDOSdistributed denial of service
DDRdouble data-rate
DDR RAMdouble data-rate random access memory
DDR SDRAMdouble data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory
DFSdistributed file system
DHCPdynamic host configuration protocol
DIMMdual inline memory module
DINDeutsche Industrie Norm
DIPdual inline package
DLTdigital linear tape
DLPdigital light processing
DMAdirect memory access
DNSdomain name service or domain name server
DOSdisk operating system or denial of service
DPMSdisplay power management signaling
DRAMdynamic random access memory
DSLdigital subscriber line
DVDdigital video disc or digital versatile disc
DVD-RAMdigital video disc-random access memory
DVD-ROMdigital video disc-read only memory
DVD-Rdigital video disc-recordable
DVD-RWdigital video disc-rewritable
DVIdigital visual interface
ECCerror correction code
ECPextended capabilities port
EEPROMelectrically erasable programmable read-only memory
EFSencrypting file system
EIDEenhanced integrated drive electronics
EISAextended industry standard architecture
EMIelectromagnetic interference
EMPelectromagnetic pulse
EPROMerasable programmable read-only memory
EPPenhanced parallel port
ERDemergency repair disk
ESDelectrostatic discharge
ESDIenhanced small device interface
EVGAextended video graphics adapter/array
EVDOevolution data optimized or evolution data only
FATfile allocation table
FAT1212-bit file allocation table
FAT1616-bit file allocation table
FAT3232-bit file allocation table
FDDfloppy disk drive
FERPAFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FnFunction (referring to the function key on a laptop)
FPMfast page-mode
FRUfield replaceable unit
FTP file transfer protocol
FQDNfully qualified domain name
GDIgraphics device interface
GUIgraphical user interface
GPRSgeneral packet radio system
GSMglobal system for mobile communications
HALhardware abstraction layer
HCLhardware compatibility list
HDDhard disk drive
HDMihigh definition media interface
HPFShigh performance file system
HTMLhypertext markup language
HTTPhypertext transfer protocol
HTTPShypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer
ICMPinternet control message protocol
ICSinternet connection sharing
ICRintelligent character recognition
IDEintegrated drive electronics
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IISInternet Information Services
IMAPinternet mail access protocol
IPinternet protocol
IPCONFIGinternet protocol configuration
IPPinternet printing protocol
IPSECinternet protocol security
IPXinternetwork packet exchange
IPX/SPXinternetwork packet exchange/sequenced packet exchange
IrDAInfrared Data Association
IRQinterrupt request
ISAindustry standard architecture
ISDNintegrated services digital network
ISOIndustry Standards Organization
ISPinternet service provider
LANlocal area network
LBAlogical block addressing
LCLucent connector
LCDliquid crystal display
LDAPlightweight directory access protocol
LEDlight emitting diode
LIPor LiPoly lithium-ion polymer
LPD/LPRline printer daemon / line printer remote
LPTline printer terminal
LPT1line printer terminal 1
LPXlow profile extended
LVDlow voltage differential
MACmedia access control
MANmetropolitan area network
MAPImessaging application programming interface
MBRmaster boot record
MBSAMicrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer
MCRmultivariant curve resolution
MFDmulti-function device
MFPmulti-function product
MicroDIMMmicro dual inline memory module
MIDImusical instrument digital interface
MIMEmultipurpose internet mail extension
MLImultiple link interface
MMCMicrosoft management console
MMXmultimedia extensions
MP3Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 Audio
MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group
MSCONFIGMicrosoft configuration
MSDSmaterial safety data sheet
MUImultilingual user interface
NASnetwork-attached storage
NATnetwork address translation
NetBIOSnetworked basic input/output system
NetBEUInetworked basic input/output system extended user interface
NFSnetwork file system
NICnetwork interface card
NiCdnickel cadmium
NiMHnickel metal hydride
NLInot logged in or natural language interface
NLXnew low-profile extended
NNTPnetwork news transfer protocol
NTFSnew technology file system
NTLDRnew technology loader
NWLINKNetware Link
OCRoptical character recognition
OEMoriginal equipment manufacturer
OMRoptical mark recognition
OSoperating system
OSRoriginal equipment manufacturer service release
PANpersonal area network
PATAparallel advanced technology attachment
PCpersonal computer
PCIperipheral component interconnect
PCIeperipheral component interconnect express
PCIXperipheral component interconnect extended
PCLprinter control language
PCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association
PDApersonal digital assistant
PGApin grid array
PGA2pin grid array 2
PINpersonal identification number
PKIpublic key infrastructure
PnPplug and play
POPpost office protocol
POP3post office protocol 3
POSTpower-on self test
POTSplain old telephone service
PPPpoint-to-point protocol
PPTPpoint-to-point tunneling protocol
PRIprimary rate interface
PROMprogrammable read-only memory
PS/2Personal System/2 connector
PSTNpublic switched telephone network
PVCpermanent virtual circuit
PXEpreboot execution environment
QoSquality of service
RAIDredundant array of independent (or inexpensive) discs
RAMrandom access memory
RASremote access service
RBACrole-based access control or rule-based access control
RDRAMRAMBUS dynamic random access memory
RFradio frequency
RFIradio frequency interference
RGBred green blue
RIMMRAMBUS inline memory module
RIProuting information protocol
RISremote installation service
RISCreduced instruction set computer
RJregistered jack
RJ-11registered jack function 11
RJ-45registered jack function 45
RMAreturned materials authorization
ROMread only memory
RS-232 or RS-232Crecommended standard 232
RTCreal-time clock
SANstorage area network
SATAserial advanced technology attachment
SCsubscription channel
SCSIsmall computer system interface
SCSI IDsmall computer system interface identifier
SDcard secure digital card
SDRAMsynchronous dynamic random access memory
SECsingle edge connector
SFCsystem file checker
SGRAMsynchronous graphics random access memory
SIMMsingle inline memory module
SLIscalable link interface or system level integration or scanline interleave mode
SMBserver message block or small to midsize business
SMTPsimple mail transport protocol
SNMPsimple network management protocol
SoDIMMsmall outline dual inline memory module
SOHOsmall office/home office
SPservice pack
SP1service pack 1
SP2service pack 2
SPDIFSony-Philips digital interface format
SPGAstaggered pin grid array
SPXsequenced package exchange
SRAMstatic random access memory
SSHsecure shell
SSIDservice set identifier
SSLsecure sockets layer
STstraight tip
STPshielded twisted pair
SVGAsuper video graphics array
SXGAsuper extended graphics array
TCPtransmission control protocol
TCP/IPtransmission control protocol/internet protocol
TDRtime domain reflectometer
TFTPtrivial file transfer protocol
UARTuniversal asynchronous receiver transmitter
UDFuser defined functions or universal disk format or universal data format
UDMAultra direct memory access
UDPuser datagram protocol
ULUnderwriter’s Laboratory
UNCuniversal naming convention
UPSuninterruptible power supply
URLuniform resource locator
USBuniversal serial bus
USMTuser state migration tool
UTPunshielded twisted pair
UXGAultra extended graphics array
VESAVideo Electronics Standards Association
VFATvirtual file allocation table
VGAvideo graphics array
VoIPvoice over internet protocol
VPNvirtual private network
VRAMvideo random access memory
WANwide area network
WAPwireless application protocol
WEPwired equivalent privacy
WIFIwireless fidelity
WINSwindows internet name service
WLANwireless local area network
WPAwireless protected access
WUXGAwide ultra extended graphics array
XGAextended graphics array
ZIPzigzag inline package