Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Rig-Veda is known as the oldest religious text in the world. It 

is also known as “First testament” of mankind. It was 

composed around 1700 BC. Last hymns were composed 

between 1500-1200 BC. It’s a collection of hymns by a 

number of priest families. It is organized in 10 books which 

are called Mandalas. The first and 10th Mandalas are the 

youngest and the longest books. Second to Seventh 

Mandalas are oldest parts of Rig-Veda but the shortest 

books. 8th and 9th books are of mixed ages. Rig-Veda is 

neither a historical nor a heroic poem but is mainly a 

collection of hymns by a number of priestly families. These 

were recited at the time of sacrificial rites and other rituals 

with utmost devotion. The Rig-Veda contains 1017 (1028, 

including 11 hymns of the Valakhilya recession) hymns 

(Sukta) and is divided into ten mandalas. The first and the 

tenth Mandalas are said to have been added later as their 

language differs slightly from the other eight Mandalas.

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